• Local AM hails achievements in improving the lives of our treasured pets

    When it comes to improving the lives for our beloved pets in Wales, the Welsh Labour Government has proven to be extremely proactive.

    Speaking at the launch of Cats Protection’s Manifesto for Cats, Swansea West AM Julie James was full of praise for the progress made in improving Animal Welfare in Wales.

    “The Welsh Labour Assembly Government have made great strides in improving the welfare standards for animals in Wales and I am very proud of our achievements.”

    Ms James added: “It is great to hear directly from organisations such as Cats Protection on what they feel the priorities are and I will continue to fight and advocate for many of the improvements to animal welfare for cats outlined in the manifesto.”

    Ten years ago, the Animal Welfare Act 2006 was passed, and it set a high bar for animal welfare standards by taking action to prevent harm from coming to animals and promoting the welfare of animals with owner responsibility.

    Since then, the Welsh Assembly Government has taken more steps in animal welfare improvement for dogs, specifically through the introduction of breeding regulations in 2014 and requiring microchipping for all dogs the very next year.

    Now, a manifesto has been launched by Cats Protection to advocate for similar improvements to animal welfare for cats.

    The Manifesto for Cats: Wales gives potential areas of improvement, which include an update to the law to control and reduce cat breeding, compulsory microchipping for cats, and increased animal welfare education in Wales.