• Together for our economy-Welsh Labour’s pledge to create 100,000 high quality apprenticeships

    Julie James AM has celebrated Apprenticeship Week 2016 by highlighting Welsh Labour’s plan to create 100,000 high quality all-age apprenticeships if it wins the Assembly election.

    The commitment is one of six key pledges the party has launched ahead of the Assembly poll in May.

    Last year nearly 20,000 apprenticeships were started across Wales.

    A recent National Training Federation for Wales report said that apprenticeships generate over £1bn for the Welsh economy annually with a £74 return to the economy for every £1 invested in an apprenticeship.

    Apprenticeship Week runs from 14th -18th March.

    Ms James AM said:

    “Welsh Labour has helped create thousands of good quality apprenticeships over the last five years and developed a strong track record of high quality vocational learning.

    “This has helped us generate record levels of inward investment and make Wales an attractive place to come and do business.

    “This success of our Welsh Labour Government has come from the partnership it has built with businesses right across Wales over the last few years. Our apprenticeships and Jobs Growth Wales programmes have been hugely successful in helping individuals to raise their skills and in allowing local businesses to expand and grow.

    “In the next Assembly term Welsh Labour will strengthen this partnership with business and create a minimum of 100,000 high-quality all age apprenticeships in the areas where our economy needs to expand.

    “The Welsh economy will need a workforce with higher level skills to compete in the global economy of the future and to keep inward investment strong. Our pledge is to create high quality apprenticeships that match the ambitions of our apprentices and meet the skills needs of our growing economy.

    “Through this pledge we will build on the solid economic foundations we have laid over the last few years and create better opportunities for people to get on.

    “Together for our economy, Welsh Labour recognises that when our economy succeeds, Wales succeeds. This pledge will help us achieve the economic growth Wales needs over the next few years.”