Carwyn JonesWelsh Labour Leader

“It’s been a pleasure to work alongside Julie as an AM for the last five years. She has given the people of Swansea West a strong and dedicated voice at the Welsh Assembly, and I know if re-elected she will continue to represent the people of Swansea West with commitment and integrity.”

Derek VaughanMember of the European Parliament

"Julie is an excellent AM for Swansea West and only a Welsh Labour Government can continue to deliver a stronger, fairer and more prosperous Wales for everyone."

Geraint DaviesMember of Parliament

“Julie has been a great AM for Swansea West and has worked hard for her constituents over the last five years. Despite the worst of the Tory cuts, Julie and her Welsh Labour colleagues have proved there is an alternative to austerity by protecting our NHS and Education system. Only a Welsh Labour Government will ensure Wales continues to prosper.”

Coastal Housing Group

“It’s great news. Apprenticeships offer an alternative entry point to a career for young talented school leavers and it offers businesses the chance to develop future leaders. The Welsh Labour Government are investing in the next generation and that allows us to tap into their exciting potential.”

Angela James

“I’m glad to see that Welsh Labour will double the capital limit allowance to keep on the sale of your home should you have to go into care. My husband and I have worked hard all our lives and it gives us peace of mind to know if one of us goes into care that our children’s inheritance will be protected.”

Dr Haroon Ali

“As a Doctor working in the NHS, I welcome Welsh Labour’s pledge to create a New Treatment Fund to support the people with life-threatening conditions. Julie is extremely proud of the hardwork NHS staff in Wales and I firmly believe the NHS is in safe hands under Labour in Wales”

Steve Williams

“I am delighted that Julie and Welsh Labour have announced that they plan to use their new powers on business rates to give effective tax-breaks for small businesses. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and community in Swansea West so it is great to see businesses get the help they deserve.”